Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As I've mentioned many times on the blog, I frequently feed the parrots mashes from Parrotnutz.  Adrienne, the owner, is back to making a limited line-up of her products, so contact her if you want to order some.  I stocked up this time!  I just mix equal parts hot water and the mix and let it steep.

Stella was not interested in waiting the entire steeping time:

Max had a Parrotnutz mustache!


phonelady said...

so cute the both of them . greys have always been my dream bird but would never be able to afford them .

Richard and Harley said...

I often eat a mix of brown rice and quinoa. I always share with the birds, and they are "but up" at the food bowl until its gone. They get the Stache too.

Elphie said...

Ha ha! Looks delicious!
I'm always amazed by how much sprouted seed can fit on my parrotlet's beak.