Monday, April 11, 2011


I must apologize for lax blogging and commenting.  It seems like I always have an excuse.  Right now, it's that Thomas and I are training for a 50 mile race next month.  We will run 25 miles, turn around, and run back.  I'm not quite sure what is wrong with us; my only consolation is that many of my friends do much more.  In order to train for this, we are doing massive amounts of running, especially on weekends.  This leaves us tired, so I have been sleeping more than usual and, when I am home, frequently too lazy to grab a camera and take pictures of the parrots.

Since it's spring, despite being exhausted, we're trying to get out and enjoy nature.  A few months ago, I introduced you to our tailless squirrel.  He's decided to make our yard part of his territory!  I know this is confusing, and that there are thousands of names we could have chosen, but we've named him Rocky.  (We did try calling him Blake for a few days but it didn't stick -- he just looks like a Rocky!)  This leads to some hilarity and confusion between Rocky the squirrel and Rocky the macaw.

 We saw this sparrow while out birding.  He was quite camouflaged!
You can't see me, right?
Walking a bit further down, we saw this bluebird couple.  He's taking a rest now, tired after searching for food
and then bringing it to his lady love in the tree:
 There should be much more birding to come in the upcoming weeks.  Unless we're napping.

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