Monday, January 19, 2009

Days of greys

I had some cream that was about to expire, so I browsed my favorite cookbook, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, by Mark Bittman for ideas of what to make. The answer? Scones! I love eating scones and had never tried making them before. They were so delicious! Thomas and I, with a little help from the parrots, finished off the batch in about 12 hours, prompting me to finish off the cream by making a second one.Max, helping Thomas finish his scone:Stella is being quite stubborn in her insistence that the dish drying rack and the stove are appropriate perching places for parrots. She particularly likes to remove anything she can (usually a measuring cup or utensil) from the drying rack and watch as she throws it to the ground. Don't let this innocent face fool you!Max, stubbornly, thinks that the top of the fridge is a proper perch for parrots. She has removed the top layer of magnets and claimed this space as her own:Last night, Thomas called me into the living room to catch the replay of an amazing football play he wanted to share. I was only gone for a few seconds, and returned to an irritating scene. Seriously? They couldn't stay perched on their stand for a few seconds? Of course not! They noticed their opportunity and ran.

Max had gobbled up several bites of cheese, and Stella was attempting to help herself to dried beans. That one still has me baffled.
Parrots really shouldn't have dairy, but Max is a cheese fiend. This is a constant, ongoing battle in our house.

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DweezelJazz said...

oooh, those scones do look good! me want some :)

that innocent look on Stella's face is mighty familiar! :)