Monday, January 19, 2009

When the greys aren't around...

...the caiques decide to each claim a stand as their own, as opposed to having to share. (Calypso is in the background and Beeps in the foreground).Where were the greys? Stella was probably perching on the dish drying rack and Max was probably on the fridge.

Yesterday, I made some crackers (of course, the recipe came from my favorite cookbook). They turned out quite well, although I can't wait to try some of the variations, with different grains. In this picture, the dough is ready to be transferred to cookie sheets:Then, we had cheese and crackers, using the cheese Thomas made earlier. After brining, the cheese was much more delicious. We are trying to track down some vegetarian rennet so we can make different varieties of cheese.Thomas was post-call yesterday, meaning he had worked Saturday morning through Sunday noon, with no sleep. Of course, he was tired. Rocky was being very demanding, and Thomas was getting a little irritated by all of the attention.Thomas was attempting to watch football, when Rocky climbed up on the arm of the couch where Thomas had rested his head. I hear, "Come on! Now it smells like peanuts and you're blocking my view!" Rocky got moved to the other end of the couch where he played with the blankets covering Thomas's feet. Since Rocky rarely eats peanuts, and hadn't had any that day, I think Thomas's nose was a bit off.

The parrots were a bit sad that the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game. They were hoping for an all-avian Superbowl! They were, however, happy that the Arizona Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game since Cardinals are prey animals as well and Eagles would probably eat parrots!

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