Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let it snow!

Don't worry; despite the title of this entry, it's not another rant about our horrible, cold weather. Yesterday, I received a package in the mail. It was pottery, so very carefully packed in order to prevent breakage.

Rocky was entranced with the box. He was very curious and tried to climb in to see what was inside. Of course, I gave in to his demands as I was curious to see what would happen (after all of the breakables had been safely removed).

My favorite video is the second of these two, but I felt like I should also play the first one since that shows how Rocky went in willingly. When he's really eager to go somewhere, like here, he puts his beak on the stick and lowers himself down.

As always, I feel compelled to make a disclaimer; not for my regular readers, but for those who may stumble across this entry without knowing Rocky's personality or the relationship we have with him. I do not recommend doing such a thing with most parrots. Rocky is very weird and loves stuff like this! He wanted to go in, and if he had been unhappy, he would have started screaming. Most parrots (including my other 5) would hate this. It would scare them, and they might transfer some of that fear/unpleasant thoughts to their owners.

Here's a still picture, in case some people can't view the videos:
When I lifted him back out, he had a foam peanut stuck to his foot!In this picture, he appears to have just noticed it; he removed it shortly after I took this picture.


DoodleBird said...

OMG I am laughing my head off!!! That is the cutest thing ever!

Mary said...

Doodlebird -- thanks! I thought it was so much fun (but very messy cleaning the peanuts afterwards). He tried to go back in after I'd removed him. None of the other parrots were interested, though!

Mary said...

That was really neat! You should put that on youtube!

Beloved Parrot said...

That made me giggle!