Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Leaping Beeps

If I knew how to edit videos, I would edit out the last few seconds of this; I was trying to capture Beeps leaping from one stand to the other. I kept thinking he was going to do it again, as he did in the beginning, but he fooled me! I think this is quite adorable -- he lines up and is so precise about his jumping!

I could tell that the greys were begging for attention, so I focused in on them at the end.

Last night, I grabbed a stopwatch and tried to see the maximum amount of time in between beeps from Beeps. A few times he made it to 4 seconds of silence, but usually it was more like 2 or 3 seconds in between beeping. I would think he'd get tired of making constant noise, but that has so far turned out not to be the case. I am very happy he's quiet at night! Also, as I've mentioned before, his beeping starts to fade into the background and I only notice it when I'm paying attention or when I watch him on videos.


Beloved Parrot said...

I wanna caique!

Mary said...

BP, you crack me up! Beeps has so much energy -- he is constantly on the go! Calypso, not so much.

DweezelJazz said...

I love the videos. thank you :)

Meg said...

Beeps is so cute!

Ohhh, that poor BHC I told you about is still listed. I am very good about dealing with classifieds, but every now and then....... one really gets to me.