Friday, January 9, 2009


Thomas and I try to involve the parrots in our daily lives as much as possible. We feel like it helps to keep things interesting for them. For example, when we go through the mail, we'll give whoever's around an envelope to chew up.

In my post from a few days ago, I showed an example of Rocky getting involved in the packaging. Although neither Max nor Beeps were interested in doing that, they did enjoy playing with some of the other packaging. They were each on a stand, so I put a crumpled piece of paper for them to enjoy; both took advantage.

Here's Max:

What I love about this video is that Beeps is so involved with attacking the paper that he lets go and falls to the ground.

Here, he's holding the sheet of paper up so he can attack it. This was rather heavy paper; it had to be a sizable percentage of his body weight!The main reason that I'm including this video, although Beeps attacking the paper is cute, is because Stella is squawking in the background. A few months ago, someone (Doodlebird maybe? Sorry, I have a horrible memory!) asked on their blog about the noise greys make. I had responded that greys have a natural squawk sound, but that it's not really a scream like Rocky. My greys rarely make this noise; I think it's because they can fly, so if they're unhappy, they just go somewhere else and improve their situation. However, Stella was locked in her cage since I had the stove on, so you can hear a few grey squawks in the background of this video.

And then a few more nosy Max pictures. Anything on the counter she deems resembles food is fair game for her to investigate. Here are but a few from the past few days.

Dried black beans:Pecans:My bowl of chili:
And I don't have a picture of this, but after she ate some of my chili, Thomas placed his bowl next to mine. His was the same, with the exception of cottage cheese on top. Seeing that, Max switched to his bowl to help herself to that instead.

Also, notice how she has her left foot on the lip of my bowl. I think she does that as a way to ensure I don't take it away from her, but I could be reading too much into things. Whenever she does this, I think of a line from my favorite TV show, Arrested Development, when the matriarch says, "If I wanted something your thumb touched, I'd eat the inside of your ear." Thanks, Max. Who knows where your feet have been?

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