Friday, January 2, 2009


On New Year's Eve, we were on the couch watching TV. Thomas had his head in my lap for some scratches (he had just come off of a 30-hour shift).

After a few minutes of this, Stella flew over to the couch, landed on the arm, and started nudging me for head scratches of her own. I was able to satisfy both of them for a while (and this is a bit more complicated than it sounds because each one required different kinds of scratches). Then Stella decided she didn't want to share.

You can hear Rocky laughing and moaning in the background.

Also, you can see the end of a pink scarf I've recently finished (sometimes I wear them around the house for a little extra warmth).

The final attack, right at the end, is my favorite. If you look at her feet, they both come briefly off of my leg in order to land a more forceful attack.

Thomas was not injured in the filming of this video.

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