Friday, January 23, 2009

In which the punk car is sad

My boss calls Thomas's car "the punk car" because he thinks it's punky. It had an incident yesterday.

Thomas and I were at the hardware store, buying untreated pine 2X4s so he could cut and drill them and I could assemble them into toys for the parrots at the rescue where we volunteer. As we were in the aisle, I said, "Let's buy the 6 or 7 foot ones because I know those will fit in the car." Thomas said, "The 8 foot ones will fit and they're the same price as the 7 footers, so that's what I'm buying."

It's true that the 8 foot ones will fit, but only if they're positioned properly. There is not a big margin for error. And this time, he erred.

I'm off to the glass repair shop now to get a new windshield installed in the punk car. I brought a book. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

UPDATE: I had a fantastic experience at the glass repair shop. Of course, I would have preferred to not have had to go, but it was great! Everyone was incredibly friendly and, since they didn't have another customer waiting but the windshield had to set a bit longer before I could drive away, they washed the outside of the car and vacuumed the inside. What service! We went to Safelite/Auto Glass Specialists, which is a national chain. I highly recommend them and will definitely be using them again for any glass needs!


DoodleBird said...

oh sad. but I'm glad they were nice to you and the car is all better now. :-)

Mary said...

And it gives me a funny story to tell!