Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can I read the paper in peace?

Thomas had to spend Monday night at the hospital, which meant that the parrots were overjoyed when he was back on Tuesday evening. After working 30 hours straight, he wanted to get caught up with the newspaper, but that was made difficult by the attention he received from several feathered beings:
Not wanting to be outdone, once Rocky saw that Max and Beeps were receiving attention from Thomas, Rocky climbed up the chair, onto the table, and finally made his way to Thomas's shoulder:As I've mentioned many times before, the parrots are usually not allowed on shoulders (we can't read their body language and don't want to risk a face bite), but Thomas occasionally allows it with Rocky.

Previously, Rocky had been on the table, eating almonds. In an attempt to distract Beeps from beaking his hand, Thomas gave him one of the almond shells emptied by Rocky:When jealous Max saw that Beeps was getting attention AND had one of the almond shells, she placed herself at the right level to menace this poor caique:Beeps ended up dropping the almond shell, and Max achieved her goal:
Beeps didn't care, as Thomas had tried giving him another shell. What an easy-going parrot Beeps is!

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