Monday, January 12, 2009

Miscellaneous weekend scenes

Oranges are in season now, much to the delight of our avian companions who are citrus fiends:It is quite interesting to see Max interact with Thomas and me concerning food. I will only give her food when she is on her stand, so when she sees me with something she wants, she says, "want some!" and then flies to her stand. Thomas is more of a soft touch, so when he's got something she wants, she flies down to the table and helps herself. This does not apply to food on the counter -- that is fair game to her.

Andreas was ridiculously energetic this weekend. He usually stays in his cage as we have the proper heat in there for him, and it's a bit chilly in our house for him. However, he was doing laps around his tank, so we released him in the house to burn off excess energy.

We are in the planning stages of building him a much larger enclosure where it will be easier for him to burn off his excess energy while maintaining proper heat requirements! He made his way to the back of the aquarium, where it is quite dusty. We were calling him the "ghost lizard." Of course, after taking this picture, I cleaned him off.************************
Thomas left his yogurt unattended for a few minutes. This is what he found upon his return:************************
Thomas had a rough day on Friday, so he took off his shirt and asked if I'd give him a quick backrub. Rocky was in his lap and had his own ideas about whether it was acceptable for me to be touching his mate (the massage was suspended until Rocky was no longer in striking distance of my fingers):

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