Monday, January 12, 2009


Also on Saturday, we were all in the kitchen. Thomas was cooking, and since Rocky was wandering around, I was sitting on the kitchen table with my feet on a chair (if I sat on the chair like a human, I'd risk an attack on my feet).

First Stella flew over, content to perch on my lap. As might be expected, jealousy ensued and Max decided that she wanted to be over by me also:I wish I had gotten this next move on video. Rocky likes to hang out on and near the plants, so I didn't think much when he climbed up and perched on the flower pot in which we keep a palm -- he'd done that at least 10 times earlier in the day. However, this time he took things one step further, climbing up the tree to perch on the counter island we have in our kitchen. I don't think he's ever been on that before!

Once there, he decided to help himself to some of the apples from our CSA that are awaiting to be turned into cobbler:I told him that was fine, but to please constrain himself to one apple. I may have put ideas in his head, because he almost immediately started eating the top of a second apple:As soon as she saw me taking pictures of someone else, Max had to join in the fun. She doesn't even like apples! In this picture, she is just pretending to eat the apple.

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