Friday, January 16, 2009

Week in review

How many parrots do you see? I love it when the four of them are playing nicely on their stands. Generally, the caiques stay on one and the greys on the other.
I was cutting up raw potato the other day when Max would not stop saying "want some!" accompanied by flying over and trying to steal a piece. I kept telling her she didn't really want some, and decided to offer a piece to her to show her I was right. Apparently I was wrong and she did want some raw potato. I didn't think this was the best thing for a parrot to eat, and was just about to take it away from her, when she dropped it after two bites.By the way, her eye is completely back to normal now.

Of course I think that all of my parrots are wonderful and adorable, but there are times when one of them goes above and beyond, to such a point where it is almost painful for me to leave them. That has been happening the past few days with...Calypso.I don't know what's gotten into him (hormones?) but he has kicked his personality up a notch. He runs over to me and jumps on my hand, making these adorable noises he knows I love. When I'm doing something that requires me to be near his cage, he hops on whatever part of my body happens to be closest. Admittedly, these are behaviors I'd find clingy and annoying were they coming from Max, but it's different with Calypso. I just can't get enough! I just wish he'd allow me to capture some of this on video so I could share his antics. As soon as he sees the camera, he freaks out, so I don't push him.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


DoodleBird said...

awww, aren't Caique's the best. When I go in another room Nani will blurt out "I love you!". She knows that melts me.

Beloved Parrot said...

Oh, that stuff with Calypso, that's just false advertising. ;-)

Homeless Parrot said...

my TAG LOVES raw potatoes. he will steal them right from under me when i'm cutting them up - whole chunks.