Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pretty baby

I was getting a bit depressed by my last entry, so thought a few happy videos were in order!

I took these about a month ago but didn't think they were that interesting at the time. Rewatching them, though, I decided to post. If nothing else, they show I'm trying to capture my life with these guys (even though they don't always cooperate when the camera comes out)!

Beeps came to us doing this strange whistle, and after the whistle he always said "pretty baby!" He would sometimes say "pretty baby!" without the whistle, but the whistle was never done alone.

Prior to taking this video, he was dancing, whistling, and saying "pretty baby" as Thomas was showering. Of course that stopped when I got the camera, but I did manage to get him to say "pretty baby" a couple of times by doing the whistle myself.

In this second video, I was planning on making a coffeecake. As I was assembling the necessary objects (the magazine on the counter, Penzey's One, is where the recipe resides), Max got so excited, probably because of the nuts. She said, "want some!" probably about 10-20 times.

Of course, as soon as I got the camera, she clammed up. The reason I'm posting this video is that I find her body language so funny. She alternates between trying to get me to pick her up and trying to get me to give her head pets. Normally when she's like this, if I try to give her head pets, she takes my fingers in her beak and moves them down so she can step up.

The "hello" in the background is Stella. She was in her cage as I needed to protect her from perching on the stove and catching fire. She still thinks it's a perch! She picked up the "hello" from Max, and it's one of the things they both say which makes it impossible for me to tell who is speaking if they're in the same room.

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