Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleep, Interrupted

Thomas had to spend Friday night at the hospital; the last time he has to work 30 hours straight until June! As usual, upon his return, he was quite tired and he attempted to catch a quick nap on the couch. The parrots (more specifically, Beeps and Rocky) would not leave him alone. It's hard to sleep when you have parrots crawling over you and noisily fake biting you (Rocky) or pacing all over you while beeping (Beeps).

Here's Beeps:
And Rocky:It's hard to tell from this picture (I had only one shot and had to be quick since Beeps was coming over to attack -- he doesn't like cameras!) but Thomas had placed Rocky on his back and told him to go to sleep. Of course this was all in good fun; Rocky got bored of being on his back after a few seconds.

Shortly thereafter, Thomas gave up on his idea of napping.

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