Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aquarium photos

It's been a few months since my last aquarium update. We haven't added any fish in years, so there typically aren't many updates! However, since I had time yesterday, I watched them for quite a long time and decided to take some pictures.

I know I'm just kidding myself, but I think my fish like me. Thomas tells me it's just that the associate me with food, but it still makes me happy when they see me and get all excited. They don't get excited when they see him!

If you look at the bottom left, you can see the tail of one of our clown loaches. They all hang out under a piece of wood we have in our tank.
I think that two of these Australian Rainbowfish are the babies that hatched in our tank. They're as big as everyone else!
Sometimes the two larger clown loaches hang out together and appear to shun the smaller one. They're all about the same age, for whatever reason, one is significantly smaller than the others. However, more and more frequently, all 3 will hang out together, like here. It makes me so happy when they're inclusive!
And here is a photo of our red skirts schooling together:
They are all around 4 years old, so I'm shocked they're still doing so well! The last time we added any fish to our aquarium was September 1, 2007, so we've been at a nice balance for a couple of years now.

The main reason we got the fish tank was to add humidity to the house when Max started plucking, and to give the parrots some entertainment. However, the parrots don't really seem to care about the fish, with the occasional exception of Calypso.

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