Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Going through some of his mail, Thomas found and sent me a picture of the bird that got away -- the one he regrets not adopting on almost a daily basis (for over four years).

She is well-loved and in a fantastic home, but part of Thomas will always pine for her. This is a picture that her new owner sent to him -- she's in her outside cage.
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She really loved Thomas. She knew what his car sounded like and would start screaming from the time she heard his car until he came over and greeted her properly.

She always wanted to be near him and didn't like it when other birds were closer to him than she was! That's part of the reason we didn't adopt her -- due to the large size difference, we were worried about what might happen if she decided to attack Max.


Beloved Parrot said...

I'm glad she found a wonderful home, and I'm sure Thomas knows this, but she and Thomas will always be in one another's heart.

Beloved Parrot said...

It's wonderful the new owner thinks to send photos. ;-)

Mary said...

It did make him very happy, yet also sad, to get those pictures. He knows she's in a great home, but he still misses her. Which I can understand since I have a few of those of my own!