Thursday, December 31, 2009


The caiques are on antibiotics for 10 days, aftermath of their fight on Monday. They've had 2 doses, with 8 to go.

Luckily, they both love the taste of their medicine, but it can still be a challenge to get it in them!

I've been making sure that I get home a few minutes before Thomas so that I can give Calypso his medication. He just perches on one hand and drinks it out of the syringe. If Thomas is home, he's not as amenable and winds up needing to be toweled.

Thomas tried doing the same thing with Beeps last night. Unfortunately, his caique-ness reared its ugly head. When either of our caiques get too excited, over something good or bad, they do what we call the caique freakout and appear to lose any sense of reason. Beeps really loves the taste of his medication, so after a few drops, he did the freakout and bit Thomas on his hand.

Beeps doesn't like to be toweled, so Thomas came up with a different way to restrain him while giving him his medication:We can't wait until they're done with their medication!


Brittney said...

My grey hates to be toweled too. He was on meds daily for months a few years ago, and he is on daily meds again. Thankfully he's learned to just let me squirt it slowy in his mouth.

I hope your "kids" start getting along and they heal quickly.

Beloved Parrot said...

You have my sympathy!

Mary said...

Brittney -- sorry to hear you've gone through this before -- it's so unpleasant! We've got a routine down, but I will be very happy once they're done with the meds.

With the lizards, we were able to give them injectable antibiotics. I would have much preferred that!

BP -- thanks; it's not as bad as it could be, that's for sure!

Drew said...

I have been doing the same thing with Riley, my Severe macaw, she was sick from the border. got here tested for everything , come to find out she got a bacteria from somone not cleaning her dish. she is scared to death of the syringe but she doesnt mind being toweled, she is very calm for a severe unless she can see me then she get crazy