Friday, December 11, 2009


I've written before about how much my parrots love the products from Parrotnutz, but not for awhile, so I'm going to show some more pictures. Although they like all of the food they've tried from there, they go nuts for the meals and mashes.

During the summer, I don't feed this to them as often as we make our own mashes from fresh veggies from the farmers' market. However, as the weather gets cooler and locally grown veggies are scarce, we turn back to this food.

Though I don't have any pictures of them, the caiques go crazy for this food! They both make squealing noises as they demolish every morsel. Thomas even remarked that this is the only food that makes the caiques join the clean plate club. They love it!

Rocky follows Thomas as he doles out the dishes to the parrots:
You just add hot water to the dry ingredients and let it steep for 15 minutes. Max is too impatient and will often go over and start eating while the food is still steeping.

As Thomas said when he drew my attention to this happening, look at the glutton:
Stella kept trying to kiss Thomas, but he had to evade her due to the food on her beak:At one point, we looked around the living room, and every parrot had a beak covered in food.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for the reminder. I'm sure my flock would go nuts over this mash, so I'll order some to try out. I have all my birds on Harrison's pellets (supplemented by fresh and cooked veggies), though the quality of the Harrison's Adult lifetime pellets I've noticed has gone a little downhill lately/been a bit inconsistent. Do you have any experience with the brand Totally Organics pellets? Just curious to know if you or any of your readers have experience with it.

Beloved Parrot said...

I just found out that Beak Appetit has gone out of business, so I need to find something else. Thanks!

Shannon: I haven't noticed any difference in Harrison's -- what are you seeing? Maybe I'm not paying attention.

Beloved Parrot said...

Mary: The instant meals -- do you have to prepare the entire bag all at once or can you prepare just a half or whole cup at a time? I've got three little bitty birds and I don't want to waste a whole bag because mine can't eat all that food all at once. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, with the Adult Lifetime pellets, I'm noticing about one out of every 6 pellets that is darker than the rest and hard as rocks. Sam simply won't eat them, so I end up with a lot of pellets that are inedible (at least for him). They seem old, like they've been in a rock polisher for too long! Maybe I got some bad batches. I'm about to open a new bag in the next month and I'll see if it's the same.

Beloved Parrot said...

Shannon -- thanks for the info. I feed the fine pellets; they waste too much of the bigger ones. I haven't noticed anything different though.

Mary said...

Hey guys -- was away from a computer for a few days.

Shannon -- maybe they sent bad batches out to you as I haven't noticed any quality differences. I feed Adult Lifetime Pepper, High Potency, and Power Treats, so not Adult Lifetime, though. Frustrating!

I tried TOPS once, but didn't work to transition them to it. I should start adding it in again since the rescue where I buy my food has recently started carrying it. I try to feed a couple of different kinds of pellets so that if one of the companies ever goes out of business, they have some familiar food. Another brand I have heard good things about is Foundation Formula Spicers Blend. Like TOPS, I tried this once but should start offering it more regularly.

BP -- you can just make a small amount. I usually make 1/2 cup mash (adding 1/2 cup water) for my 6 parrots, so you'd probably need to make 2 TBSP or something pretty small. The bags keep in the fridge after being opened.