Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More nuts

We've been in nut mode lately, so after finishing the nuts we received as a gift from a friend, I purchased some more.

Since one of our goals is to give our parrots as many choices as possible, we offer the nut container to them so they can pick out what they want (Max, Rocky, and Calypso choose cashews 100% of the time; Beeps does about 90% of the time -- Stella is the true wild card. Though she just seems to grab whatever's closest, so it could just be laziness on her part.)

Luckily the nut that Max threw out was a Brazil nut. I can't blame her! I eat them occasionally in order to get selenium, but they're certainly not a favorite. I'm just glad she didn't waste a pecan.

Since I was videotaping, I had to stop momentarily so I could get her off of the container; I also placed a half cashew, the only one I quickly found (i.e. without touching all of the nuts) right on top to make things a bit easier on her (I know, this defeats the purpose...)

I think Thomas and I may need to have a container of cashews just for ourselves since our parrots are picking them out of our mix.

When he got home, I told Thomas there weren't any cashews left, and he was so proud of himself for finding one. "I'm a better forager than Rocky!" is a direct quote.

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Pamela said...

Harley would do EXACTLY what Max did: climb right onto the tub, throw out the ones he doesn't want...very funny!