Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This isn't the first time Max has done something similar, though there was a bit of a twist yesterday.

One of my friends gave me a nice tin with roasted mixed nuts (no salt). The parrots love this! We present the tin to them and each one gets to choose what kind of nut they'd like. However, since the nuts are enjoyed in moderation, which is not in her vocabulary, Max usually wants more.

Last night, she was banging the nut tin against the counter saying, "want some!" as we reminded her that she had just had a cashew and wasn't getting any more since she needed to eat her vegetables in a few minutes.

I was cooking dinner and Thomas was making yogurt. We'd poured ourselves a glass of wine that was on the same counter as Max. We have to drink wine in beer glasses as regular wine glasses risk getting tipped over by flying and/or curious parrots.

In an attempt to distract her from her nut obsession, Thomas gave her a milk cap. She loves playing with milk caps. We both turned away to continue our tasks with Max standing on the counter, chewing the cap.

The next thing you know, we saw this:In an attempt to get us to provide her with another nut, Max apparently did the retrieve trick with the milk cap and our glass of wine!

I did have Thomas pose her in this picture, though she doesn't seem too interested in her handiwork.

Isn't a parrot's mind fascinating?


Beloved Parrot said...

Did it work -- didja give her another nut?

Mary said...

Sadly for Max, who we apparently starve, we did not give her another nut as she'd already eaten too many. However, their Parrotnutz mash had just finished steeping, so she got that instead.