Friday, December 18, 2009

Grey gluttons

Max had been eating the food that was steeping, when Stella chased her off and helped herself instead:
Max had to be content with perching on my water glass (which I had to wash again before I could drink since who knows where her feet have been? I have seen her walk in poop!)
Later, Thomas left the nut box open, and both greys made an immediate move to help themselves.More evidence that we starve them so they need to find food on their own!


Beloved Parrot said...

Yes, it really is sad how neglected and starved they are! Not!!!

Tony Wildish said...

I know it's good to encourage your birds to forage, but I wasn't aware that that was what they had in mind!! What would the next step be, give them the car-keys and a map to the supermarket? :-)

Bibi said...

I wanted to ask you about the differences between your Congo and Timneh. I've heard that Congos tend to be more timid. Is Stella more shy around new people/things than Max? Are there other differences in behavior that you've noticed?