Friday, December 4, 2009

Rocky breakfast

Here is photographic proof that Rocky's wings do collapse and nestle nicely; it's just that since he likes to show me how big and scary he is, and I take the vast majority of the pictures, it appears as though his wings are permanently stuck to "open."He's sharing some of Thomas's breakfast -- peanut butter toast. He ate the peanut butter off, dropped the bread on the ground, and then climbed down to find Thomas and beg for more.

Isn't his dark green coloring just amazing? He's like a little jewel. When the light reflects off of him, he is absolutely stunning.

I also think he must read the blog, since he's been remarkably well-behaved since I posted my rant about him last month.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend! We're going to watch The Man Who Came to Dinner tonight; I haven't watched this movie in years and Thomas has never seen it -- I can't wait! I also have to get some speed work in on the treadmill -- it always makes me feel so good after, but I'm still dreading it. Additionally, I have two scarves on the needles that I must finish before the end of the year so that I start 2010 with a fresh knitting slate. What an exciting life I lead! Details to follow in next week's posts.

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