Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm not sure why this photo turned out so orange; it looked fine on my camera! In any case, since we have so many parrots, and the squeaky wheels (Max and Rocky and, to a lesser extent, Stella and Beeps) get the grease, I try to make it a point to spend daily quality one-on-one time with Calypso and Daphne.

Neither makes it to a blog entry very often, as they are very well-behaved and cause me almost no troubles. They make for great companions, but not great stories!

This morning, I'd put the rest of the birds in their cages while I had my second breakfast, yogurt with blackberries and honey, with Calypso. I'll usually let him roam the table as I eat and read the paper, but since I'd given him a blackberry and wanted to confine the stains to his stand, he perched there until he'd finished his fruit.Both of my caiques adore any kind of fruit -- fresh or dried. I don't think I'd given him blackberries before, but he dug right in. Luckily for him, my grocery store had them on sale, so he'll have them daily for at least another week.

I know I get mushy when I write about him, but he really is such a wonderful guy. He's just so puffy and warm and wonderful and I can't get enough! We are so lucky to have him in our lives.

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