Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pants parrot

Rocky, as a macaw, is quite destructive. As long as we provide him with acceptable wood to chip up, he usually leaves unacceptable wood alone, though he has been known to take chips out of our aquarium stand!

We leave baskets of 2X4 slices around the living room, so when he feels the need to chip, he runs over and grabs a slice. He loves winter, when Thomas wears pants instead of shorts, as one of his favorite places to chip wood is in Thomas's pant leg. He often wears scrub bottoms, which provide enough room for Thomas's leg and a severe macaw.

My view, from the couch:A view from behind:Someday, I will get this entire process on video, including him grabbing a piece of wood and going into Thomas's pants (which he does with no help from Thomas). He started doing this on his own -- it was not something we ever encouraged.

After he chips the wood, he has to dig them out of Thomas's pants. You can see lots of little chips on the floor:

He then needs to get another piece of wood, or get a snack, or just wants to go somewhere else, so he leaves the pant leg:

At the end of this video, he is making a threatening pose at me, so I quickly turned the camera off and hopped up to the safety of the couch!


Elizabeth said...

Very funny video. He must feel incredibly comfortable with you guys to be in such a vulnerable position for so long.

Beloved Parrot said...

Thomas must be a saint! Doesn't that tickle?

Mary said...

Thomas puts up with way more from Rocky than I think I would, so Rocky probably made a good choice in choosing him over me :)

I'm not a real touchy-feely person, so it would definitely tickle and annoy me, but Thomas likes it (or at least tolerates it).

I'll have to post more on Rocky's fake biting that Thomas doesn't mind but that I hate!