Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cheese fiends

I didn't get my camera out quickly enough, but both of the greys were exploring the grater. They are cheese fiends and definitely know what the grater means!Actually, Max is the cheese fiend; Stella was just over there to irritate Max, as she won't even eat any cheese when offered.


spippin said...

Gryphon, our timneh, is also a cheese addict. He swallows whole chunks to get as much as possible before I take it away. It is a little bit frightening! I'm glad to see others can relate to this problem. ;-)

Mary said...

Oh yes, Max, my timneh, is the worst offender in our house. If I leave cheese in the plastic wrap on the counter, she eats huge chunks through the plastic.

She definitely has a cheese magnet in her!