Monday, December 7, 2009

Lots of Rocky

I was trying to get a video of Rocky grabbing a slice of wood from his basket and then climbing into Thomas's pants. Rocky had other ideas, though he had been doing that for quite some time before I thought to get the camera!

Here, he decides to fake attack Thomas's leg. I love how he goes back a bit in order to get a running start. Though we think this is entirely playful, he is still a bit rough and this can hurt! He's done it to me before, through a blanket. Thomas will often have red marks on his body (though they quickly disappear) if Rocky starts doing this on his bare skin.

He knows exactly what I want him to do. In fact, I tell him again in this video! But, he chooses to show off for the camera by more fake attacking. At the end, I pan up to Beeps perched on Thomas. That's who was doing all of the background beeping!

In this next video, he does some jumping, which he does when he's excited. He knows I love it and will sometimes do it when he wants something from me. He'll often do it on request, but rarely when the camera is out. I had hoped he was going to grab wood from his basket, but he seems to change his mind at the last minute and runs back over to Thomas. His attempt to climb up Thomas's pants is met with unanticipated results, but he pops back up, ready for action!

After faking me out a few more times, but never entering the pants with wood, Rocky climbs up. You can hear Thomas say, "I don't think he's in the mood right now," which translates into, "Quit filming so we can get back to 30 Rock!"

Later, though I didn't capture him grabbing the wood, he decides he is in the mood and finally makes it into his pants:

Usually he stays in the calf area, but he made it a bit further this time:Of course we were then joking that Thomas had a giant, moving, loud thigh tumor.


Tony Wildish said...

I have to say that Thomas is either very brave, or very foolish. Or possibly both. I can't quite make up my mind!

Mary said...

Well, he is very protective of certain parts of his body as, "Stay away from my genitals!" can be heard occasionally, along with the appropriate blocking of that area.

Thomas is very good at reading Rocky's body language and handles him with a stick when it looks like Rocky is too agitated.

They do have a very strange relationship, though. I'd say it's definitely a mix of bravery and foolishness!

I told Rocky if he had to choose one of us, he made the right choice, as I would never put up with the fake attacking. Also, my pants aren't baggy enough for him to get in there with my legs :)

Beloved Parrot said...

I swear, Mary, if I had that many parrots doing that many cute things all the time I'd never leave the house, much less get anything done!

Mary said...

BP, though I don't write about him often since he doesn't like the camera, Calypso is the one who makes me late most often. He is just so adorable and devises ways to get me to pick him up and then stay on me. I can't resist him!

They can be incredibly adorable, but there are times when they are so irritating I can't wait to leave!