Monday, December 7, 2009

The lizards

Andreas has been doing so well lately. I expected him to brumate through the winter, but he's been out of his hide every day, running around, eating, etc. I know he's a solitary animal, but at times he almost seems to want attention from us.

Last week, I looked over, and he was staring at us:
Elsa's not been as active. She's barely eating, will go over a week without coming out, etc. I'm thinking about upping her temperatures a bit to see if that helps.

On Saturday, she was like this for over an hour:Later, she exited about another inch and stayed there for about another hour. The next time I looked, she was sunning herself under her basking light.

Last week, Andreas was glass dancing against the corner of his tank. We almost never let the lizards out to run around (they prefer higher temperatures than we keep our house), but he had so much energy and Thomas wanted to let him burn it off. He put Andreas on the floor, who immediately ran into the corner of our living room and did the same glass dancing movements! (Though I supposed it was wall dancing). We laughed and put him back in his tank.

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