Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All greys all the time

Though I do have three other parrots, you might not realize this from the last posts I've been making. These greys have just been so curious and have therefore been the subject of most of the posts -- not as interesting to show Calypso behaving as it is to show Max exploring!

Thomas is frequently quite melodramatic; last night something happened and he ended up collapsing on the floor (as an aside, the parrots love this about his personality -- how expressive and over the top he can be -- just like them!) Stella immediately flew down to give him attention and try to get some head pets out of the deal:Thomas continues to give her thawed blueberries every morning. If he has to leave for work before she gets up, he leaves a plate for her. What a mess she makes!
I couldn't decide which of these pictures I liked best -- Max holding the spoon in a nonchalant manner:
Or hungrily eating the yogurt:
Her smaller, black spoon has gone missing again. Last time it was missing for a few months and I thought it had somehow been thrown away. Instead, I found it hiding in one of my houseplants -- Max must have thrown it down one day after eating and it was lost. I checked the houseplants this morning, to no avail. Luckily, she is content to use a larger spoon.


D. Richard said...

I had a new arrival at the house last week , someone dropped off a Cockatiel and cage on my porch. He is a sweet bird but he has been raised on cockatiel seed very high in sunflour seeds.I know becouse they dropped off a container of his food as well . And he picks out the sunflour seeds and kicks out the rest . any thoughts on how to brake him of this . My other birds eat fresh veggies , pellets and a little seed . I dont want him to die of fatty liver disease.

Mary said...

Sorry for the late response -- first, congratulations on your new flock member.

Depending on the bird, it can be very easy or very hard to change their diets. Have you tried giving him fresh food to see what he does? It may be helpful to try different presentation -- whole, chopped, shredded, etc. I've found that many tiels love greens hung in their cage (and greens are super healthy.)

I wish I had some magic advice, but you kind of just have to try different things to see what works!

It's nice that you have other birds that eat their veggies as he may start eating them when he sees his new flock mates doing so.

I'm a huge proponent of exercise, which can also help stave off diseases (though diet is, of course, super important!)

Keep us updated!