Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rocky surprise

Last night, Thomas and Rocky decided to play a trick on me. Thomas came over as if to hug me, and then at the last minute, he sprung Rocky on me, who was hiding inside his flannel! I must admit that I didn't fall for this trick, as it's one they play occasionally and I had heard them snickering about it beforehand.

Before I filmed this, Thomas kept opening his flannel to expose Rocky, who would yelp when he was revealed, in concert with Thomas. However, once I started taking the video, he did the opposite -- yelping when he was covered and remaining silent while exposed.

Sometimes (frequently) he can be so adorable I just want to scoop him up and do what Thomas does to him. Luckily I remember that doing so will likely result in bloodshed, so I am able to control myself!


The Homeless Parrot said...

OMG that's funny.

RainyGrlJenny said...

Rocky makes me smile, even though he's kinda scary sometimes :)

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Ben and I just had such a laugh watching this several times! We are huge fans of your videos (as well as the rest of course ;) ) and can't wait to settle down somewhere after we get our traveling wildlife biologist out of our system... So maybe parrots will have to wait until retirement - but boy will we be ready! Love living vicariously through your birds... props to you guys - such wonderful owners!

Carrie and Ben

Mary said...

HP -- he does make me laugh almost every day.

Jenny -- He is kind of scary on a regular basis, at least if you listen to him :)

Ben & Carrie -- thanks for the nice comment! I just linked to you guys; hope that's OK. I don't think I could ever get traveling wildlife biologist out of my system! I can't wait to read through your blog!