Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The parrots each got one whole wheat shell noodle. Calypso ate his right after taking a bath:The noodle passed Stella's worthiness test, as she deigned to hold it with her foot, like a parrot, instead of insisting on it being held for her, or just dropping it to the floor for lack of real interest:
The others weren't interested in their noodle long enough for me to take a picture of them eating it.

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D. Richard said...

I understand the not being able to get a particular picture well after last night . Linus is really starting to bond with me and while siting on my chair he for the first time started climbing into my short shirt sleeve past my arm pit around my chest out my neck and back into my shirt sleeve for another go at it . I was laughing so hard that even with my camera in hand I could not get the shot . And the laughing just served as encouragement. What a night .