Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cage switching, part 2

Before I write too much about the following pictures, I feel it necessary to do a bit of a disclaimer for anyone who isn't familiar with the blog in general. Parrots can inflict serious damage on each other, especially when their cages are involved. When this kind of stuff goes on, I supervise very carefully. Also, my birds can all fly to escape danger, and they are all approximately the same size, so I would most likely be able to intervene before any serious damage occurred. For example, if I had a budgie or large macaw, they would be kept separate.

That out of the way, Rocky isn't the only one who likes to play on other parrots' cages.

Here, Rocky and Stella are on Stella's cage, while Max is on Rocky's cage:Beeps and Max on Rocky's cage:
Both greys on Max's cage:
Max, Rocky, and Beeps hanging out under Beeps's cage:
Beeps taunting Max, who's keeping watch over Beeps's cage:
Stella on Calypso's cage:
I don't get it. Most of them have similar toys, and they have identical food. There must be some weird parrot attraction in this!


Christine Lee said...

In photo #4, Rocky looks so comical,with one foot stretching out!

Anonymous said...

We have six parrots and they love to cage trade. The food is always better in someone elses cage, even though it's identical. I love reading your blog. I have a DYH Amazon that loves me but attacks me every now and then. I'll never figure out why he does it, I just live with it and love him back.


Mary said...

Christine -- Rocky was either climbing on to Beeps's cage, or climbing down from it, so I caught him in an awkward pose :)

June -- I'm with you on not being able to figure out a reason; I tell myself Rocky just has bad taste since he didn't pick me!

Thanks for the comments :)