Monday, November 8, 2010

Rocky videos

Sunday, alone with the parrots. I was trying to watch the football game, but I also have to watch where Rocky is to make sure he doesn't ambush me. He was on the air filter; one of his favorite places to be. Unfortunately, this is also within severe macaw reach of the couch, where I was sitting, so I had to be on high alert.

Here he is, threatening me with his wings and telling me "bye bye" which is his way of asking me to leave:

Here, he's escalating a bit. I had to have the TV on rather loudly in order to hear over his moaning and constant noise. But at least it wasn't screaming!

1 comment:

D. Richard said...

Un able to watch either video . For the record I like them on Youtube as I can set to watch all 70 in a row