Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was in the back bedroom where many of our plants live, when I noticed that our Christmas cactus had begun blooming. Yea! So of course I moved it into the kitchen so we could enjoy it.

Rocky was enthralled and immediately climbed up on the table to investigate:
You almost couldn't tell where he was! I must note that while I found this listed as non-toxic for birds, I still will not allow any of them to eat it.It's so huge, I have to find a new place for it to rest -- right now it's taking up the majority of our island.


Tony Wildish said...

hi Mary,

Growing cacti has been a hobby of mine since my school days. While cacti are not exactly toxic, they do contain chemicals that can give your digestion a rough time, so it's a good call to not let them eat it.

Rocky does look cute there, doesn't he!

D. Richard said...

The Christmas Cactus is old enough to have babies , Take some cuttings and place in water with rooting powder . then when you have some new small ones , plant that one out side ,,, or do you live up north ? They do well here in Texas .

Mary said...

Tony -- thanks for the confirmation I'm not being too restrictive needlessly!

D. Richard -- I live far too north for that! We have thought about taking cuttings and creating new ones, but we already have too many plants. This one definitely needs to be repotted!