Monday, November 29, 2010

Long weekend

What a wonderful, long weekend we had -- though not long enough! Thomas, for once, didn't have to work! I thought I'd get lots of blogging done and take tons of pictures, but that didn't really happen. I guess we were too busy enjoying the moments.

Here, Thomas was reviewing the ads to see if there was anything he wanted to buy (answer: no). Of course, three little attention-sponges had to come over by him:Rocky is even perched on his foot...
...until he decides that Thomas's feet look hungry, so he starts to feed them.
Which resulted in Thomas vacating his spot, partly because he doesn't want to encourage breeding behavior in Rocky, and partly because having food regurgitated onto your feet is pretty disgusting!
Notice the little pieces of paper all over the house -- the greys were busy destroying the newspaper! They are both very nesty right now; hopefully they'll snap out of it soon!

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