Monday, November 29, 2010

Rocky ramblings

Rocky and I have been getting along better lately. Maybe it's because it's colder, so I've been wearing long pants and long sleeves in the house, giving me more confidence. Thomas has been putting him on my (sleeved) arm or one of us will put him on my lap when we're sitting together on the couch.

Usually he tries to immediately get back to Thomas, but he does so very gently -- he very easily could attack me if wanted. If I distract him with a song, he'll stay a little longer before escaping to safety.

One thing that always amuses me about him is his behavior when Thomas isn't home. Like when I took this picture:He could have played happily in the living room, without any interference from me. Instead, he decides to come into the kitchen, putting himself directly into my presence. He wasn't threatening me until I came close enough to take his picture. Otherwise, he just perches there, interacting with me from afar.

He is one strange guy.

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