Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Affectionate greys

The greys continue their streak of hormonally-induced neediness. I don't remember this lasting so long in the past. While it is very sweet, it gets old quickly. I like my independent parrots!

Stella has claimed her favorite perch, and Thomas has become complacent, allowing her to perch there as long as she doesn't make loud noises in his ear. She tries this with me, but I either duck so she can't land, or remove her immediately. I'm not risking a facial bite!

Luckily, Max does not also do this. She just bangs her beak into you until you acquiesce and pet her head:
I do lecture them about the advantages of being affectionate with each other, but they do not appear to care that:

1) they'd probably get better-quality preening since it would be done by a grey parrot and not a human


2) they'd probably get even more preening since they appear to have an insatiable appetite for it, whereas our appetites for this are quickly sated.

Quality and quality arguments, and I can't win this debate with them!

On an off-topic quick note, Stella's open wound, which I discussed here, has healed. I'm pretty convinced that she did not mutilate herself, but injured herself while flailing around her cage as she does not have feathers there to protect her skin. She has been letting more and more feathers grow in, so perhaps in time she can flail all she wants without opening up her chest.

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Brittney said...

Ricky, my grey, is being very needy right now too. He's been ever so persistant about snuggling when I am trying to study. Cute yes, but annoying sometimes. :)