Wednesday, November 10, 2010


With Thomas gone, he was worried about Stella's daily blueberry consumption as he is the smoothie-maker in the house. He finished up our last bag of berries before leaving, but set aside a bunch of berries and left me with the instructions to thaw some for her every morning:
Calypso, who has never met a berry he didn't love, also is a beneficiary of Thomas's thoughtfulness:Since Calypso doesn't like Thomas, he usually spends mornings in the living room until Thomas leaves for work, at which point Calypso joins us in the kitchen. He's probably the only one happy about Thomas being gone, as he gets more time with me since he comes into the kitchen immediately now. I must add that I do offer to let him come in every morning, but Calypso declines until Thomas has left.

Poor Calypso, as Thomas will be home very soon!


Elizabeth said...

Every time I see Calypso I want to come to your house and give him kisses. He's so puffy!

Mary said...

That's funny, poor Thomas. Does he take it personally? I wish I could get my birds to eat blueberries. I had plenty of them this summer and they were having none of it. If it isn't green they're not so interested. (with the exception of corn and carrots)

Mary said...

Elizabeth -- he is so puffy, and much lighter than you'd think.

Mary -- he doesn't take it personally, though I know he wishes Calypso liked him!

Max won't eat blueberries, so I know your pain there. They're so healthy!

belovedparrot said...

I love little Calypso's face. You should send him to my house.