Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last night, Thomas was trying to read a magazine. Rocky was amusing himself on Steve's cage, Max was trying to get head pets, and Stella had flown to his shoulder. Although we typically do not allow the parrots on our shoulders, Thomas has been allowing Stella to perch on his recently as she is well-behaved and he is lazy about getting her off. Notice how content she is on his shoulder; one foot up and all.But Thomas giving attention to Max?
She had to fly down to the table to take care of this!
Approaching Max...
Thomas gave in and tried to scratch them simultaneously -- this didn't turn out so well as you might imagine. He eventually gave up on reading his magazine and paid attention to the greys.

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belovedparrot said...

Poor Thomas, actually believing he would be allowed to read a magazine when there are feathers to be scritched!