Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The splits

First, a bit of background:

After dinner, Beeps flies over to the back of the couch and walks back and forth, beeping the entire time. Occasionally, he hops up on my shoulder, or Thomas's shoulder, then climbs down so he's on our lap. Then, he runs and hops over both of us, stopping occasionally to surf in our clothes, preen our fingers, or take the back off of the remote control.

It is completely adorable, yet something I will likely never get on video since he's not a fan of the camera.

Last night, Thomas and I were sitting on the couch together after dinner. We were sitting pretty close to each other; Beeps was pacing on the back of the couch. He hopped on to us, so that one foot was on my shoulder and one foot was on Thomas's shoulder! He sat there for quite some time, then he must have noticed the remote control and had to run down to take the back off.


Meg said...


D. Richard said...

I have a Panasonic SVAV-100 digital camcorder and it has a remote the size of a credit card . Most good ones do these days . Have you ever considered setting it on a tripod with remote in hand for just those kind of moments ? Just asking . >Wink<

Mary said...

Meg -- thanks :)

D. Richard -- the problem is I never know where the cuteness is going to come from, so I'd have to have dozens set up to get the right angles!

Beeps had never done that before, and he hasn't done it since (we usually don't sit closely enough where it's even a possibility!)

Maybe someday we'll get more advanced with our technology, but this is about as advanced as I can get right now!