Friday, November 5, 2010


Wednesday night, Max kept trying to attack Rocky and Beeps. Not quite sure what was getting into her, but she was buzzing away. We didn't want to cage her, so Thomas made her sit on his lap for a few minutes, so she could calm down and focus on something else. As soon as he had Max on his lap, Stella had to fly over to his shoulder:Rocky's wasn't far away; keeping an eye on things:
Finally, Max was able to escape from his clutches. She had to preen her feathers back into acceptability: Beeps was playing in the tray paper of the stand. He had been egging Max on, but she should have been strong enough to ignore him. Doesn't he look innocent, though? We weren't fooled!
He likes to strut around the tray liner, beeping, and getting Max to notice him. When she comes down to the grate, he hangs upside down and tries to bite her feet. Trouble all around.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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