Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cage switching, part 1

Even though the parrots are fed the same dinner, Rocky has been spending a lot of time on Stella's cage. Here he is, about to help himself to her food:He's so comfortable there, he's preening himself:
Stella doesn't seem to mind sharing (she is also preening herself):
Rocky loves to play in Stella's set of drawers. He pulls out all of the drawers and goes inside to chip wood:


D. Richard said...

Rocky is obviously a Alpha . Stella is not an Alpha and as such is content to have another bird assert its authority on her .
Calypso is a Beta tho self content in his own little world not likely to back down.
Max Is an Alpha and seems to be the head of the flock.
Rocky wants to challenge the current pecking order .
Beeps is a clown that only wants attention in any form , Correct ?
My own flock is growing , 1 green cheek conure , 1 Quaker , 1 Grey Cockatiel 4 Fischers 1 peach face and 1 egg in the nest out of 8 birds , 7 are males .

belovedparrot said...

Your parrots are so lucky to have you and Thomas!