Friday, November 19, 2010


I got back a little later than usual from my morning run, and returned to this:Thomas had let everyone out, and all of the parrots, except Calypso, had made their way into the kitchen for some breakfast.

Then, he went in to shower with Beeps and Rocky:Max ran over to the bathroom, pushed open the (not quite closed) door, and invited herself to their shower.

I never managed to get a picture of the three of them on the shower door, as Rocky and Max refused to stay put! I kept getting called in by Thomas to remove a parrot from temptation.

Max loves to fly over to the towel rack and perch on my towel:This is not allowed, as not only might she poop on my towel, but she likes to eat the frame of the picture that is within her reach.

And Rocky kept flying down from the door to the floor in order to nest in the bathmat:
This is not allowed, as this is what he was doing when he destroyed a tile.

I've always heard that it's more difficult for parrots to fly down than up, and that's certainly the case for Max and Beeps, but Rocky never got that memo. 90% of his flying is down! He loves the floor.

Only Beeps, as adorable as ever, was happy on the shower door:
When it was my time to shower, I went in with Stella, Max, and Calypso (as usual) and everyone stayed on the door for me. I guess the parrots know that Thomas tolerates more goofing off than I do!


belovedparrot said...

Beeps is so cute!

Mary said...

We can see who rules the roost in your house!! :)