Monday, November 15, 2010

Bottling travails

Over the weekend, we did have to do a bit of bottling. Thomas was working, so I went downstairs to wash the labels off of bottles. I didn't want to be alone, so I thought I'd take a parrot with me -- everyone else stayed in their cages upstairs.

First, I tried Calypso, but he was rather scared of the basement. He jumped to my shoulder and would not relinquish his hold on the back of my sweatshirt -- so he quickly went upstairs. Next, I tried Beeps:He wasn't really enjoying himself, so he went back as well. I certainly wasn't going to bring Rocky down, and I didn't trust either of the greys to stay out of trouble, so I was alone after all. Probably quicker that way!

Later, after Thomas returned, we got down to the bottling. One by one, the parrots who got into more trouble than we could handle while bottling got put in their cages. That may have been a bit dramatic, as it was only the greys! They kept fighting, including through their last warning, so they were separated in their cages and not released until we were no longer occupied.

I'd go into the living room periodically to make sure that everything was OK. Of course, Calypso was perfect. What made me laugh were Rocky and Beeps. They were pretty much imitating each other -- but on each other's cage!

Rocky, on Beeps's cage:
Beeps, on Rocky's cage:
When I took this picture, they were both hanging out on the door. Rocky had been in the same position as Beeps -- relaxed, on one leg -- but had to go into high alert as soon as I was around. At other times, they were both playing with toys inside the cage and eating each other's food inside the cage.

Goofballs! I think Rocky would prefer to be in Beeps's cage full time, but it's really too small for a severe macaw, plus...he knows how to escape from it! That may explain his eagerness for a cage switch.


D. Richard said...

Speaking of escaping cages , I aquired some of those latches I told you about . Do you need any ? I can send you some .

Mary said...

Thanks for the offer, but I think we're good. Rocky can't escape from his cage, and Beeps can only escape when Rocky opens the doors, so I just have to be sure to double check them before I leave.

Thomas thinks it helps Rocky's self esteem to be able to open Beeps's food dish doors, so we're going to keep things as they are :)