Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yesterday, we had Basil on the kitchen stand for most of the day. He doesn't appear to trust us enough to take food from our hands yet (though he did get better as the day went on!) He wouldn't take this clementine from me, so I put it on the stand. He went over and ate the entire thing -- he loved it! This morning, he must have remembered how much he loved them as he warily took the clementine from my hand.Everyone else got them as well, though Stella is the only other parrot that I photographed with it. Of course she's trying to avoid holding it with her foot. She still managed to eat the entire section, using her tongue and beak to move the fruit around.
We went through the box quicker than expected, so I'll have to stop by the grocery store tomorrow to buy some more.


belovedparrot said...

Well, a girl has to watch her manners, you know.

I just love Basil's face. Aren't amazons great?

HungryBird said...

I just gave my birds clementine sections on a skewer the other day! My female cockatiel Iggy seems to really like citrus. Squeaky nibbles on it but isn't crazy about it, while the parakeets refuse to even look at it! Once I gave Iggy grapefruit and she would eat a piece, make a funny sour face and shake her head, and then eat another piece and make the same expression.