Monday, December 20, 2010

Hiding Rocky

Rocky loves climbing inside Thomas's clothes, so he loves it during the winter when Thomas wears more layers. He'll frequently sit on the table, and when Rocky notices this, he runs over to hide under Thomas's housecoat.

Another thing I love about Rocky is how well he knows his name. When I need to know where he is, if I call his name, he'll pop his head out and look at me. In this case, I knew where he was but wanted to get it on video since I find it adorable; however, this can come in handy when I'm not sure where he is in the living room, to make sure he's not setting a trap for me.

A still shot of him emerging:
I'm hoping to get a video of Rocky going to hide, but when he saw me with the camera, he just came over to threaten me instead of doing what I wanted him to do. Typical!

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