Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Evening antics

Last night, I came home from work a little early, and Thomas got home quite late, which meant the parrots had several hours of time alone with me. They really prefer it when we're all together, but as long as they get out of their cages, they're relatively happy.

Of course, the greys immediately flew into the kitchen to be with me:
You can tell she'd recently eaten a clementine by the little pieces left on her stand after beak-wiping!

Surprisingly, since he doesn't like me, Rocky also came in for the entire evening. Perhaps he needed to keep an eye on me?But then he'd do his weird hormonal stuff and not care about what I was doing:Neither caique must have been feeling very social, as they stayed in the living room -- with frequent checks to make sure they weren't fighting and that Beeps wasn't eating the lizards' electrical cords:Beeps is on the far left side of this picture on Stella's cage door; Calypso is on his cage top on the far right side.

Stella was hanging out with the shoes and Rocky came over to see what the fuss was about. Apparently not much as he walked back over to his kitchen cage shortly after this.
Everyone was a little sad that Thomas wasn't there, so we decided to have a little dance party. We somehow figured out that Rocky loves country music. Maybe that's what he listened to in his first home, or maybe he just loves the beat? In any case, I have a few CDs from high school 15 years ago, so I put one in just for him. He loves it!

When he looks up, that's because Max flew right behind my head. He also then has to lift his wings to show her how big and scary he is. Max is not as big of a fan of country music, though she does dance on demand.

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