Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost bite

Thomas was exercising Rocky last night. Rocky doesn't really like this, but we try to get him tired out and panting on a daily basis as parrots (like humans!) are meant to move. There are so many benefits to exercise, and we refuse to have sedentary parrots. Since he won't fly, we have to make him flap his wings.

Rocky had had enough, so he grabbed on to Thomas's finger with his beak in an effort to stabilize himself so that he wouldn't have to flap his wings when Thomas moved him around.I will try to get this on video sometime, as it's pretty fun to watch. Especially when Rocky is enjoying himself.

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D. Richard said...

Would you mind giving me your thoughts on the comparisons of a hahns macaw to a severe. I do so want a little larger bird that is hand fed and hand tame . all of mine were wild and I tamed them down to land on me .and sit without trouble but all are Very hand shy