Monday, December 6, 2010

Sprouts and fake eating

We got some sprouts in our CSA box. These are really healthy for parrots and people; unfortunately our parrots are not big fans. Maybe someday! The lizards love them, so they will have a happy week.

Max had to investigate the sprouts, but did not partake:Thomas was munching on them, so Beeps flew over to investigate as well:
Like Max, he did not actually eat any, but did throw some around (you can see where some rest on Thonas's wrist):But the funniest reaction came from Rocky. I've mentioned before his fake eating behavior. There are two instances where we normally see this:

1. If we're eating something he wants, he'll sometimes do this as a way to draw our attention to him and give him some.

2. If we offer him something he has never seen before (as is the case here). He'll pretend to take a bite and eat it. There's even a slightly different noise between him "taking a bite" and then "chewing" the food. We are totally anthropomorphizing here, but tell ourselves that he doesn't want to hurt our feelings so he tries to trick us into thinking he's eating it when he isn't. Like the Seinfeld episode with the mutton, only Rocky doesn't use napkins, just vocal trickery.

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