Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shadow games

Max and Beeps do this several times a week. It appears to be a fun game for both of them (if either one was stressed we'd put an end to it much quicker than we do.)

Beeps goes to the tray liner and walks around. Max follows his every move from the grate of the playstand. Occasionally Max will make the first move and then Beeps follows her, but 99% of the time, Max follows Beeps.

If this goes on too long, it takes a turn toward the dark side. Beeps might try to bite Max's feet, then Max jumps up on the ladder and tries to reciprocate. We always break it up before this happens.

1 comment:

belovedparrot said...

This is just darling. I'm sitting here laughing while my birds are all asleep.